TS PRC 2021 Main GO.51 for Revised of Pay Scales 2020

TS PRC 2021 Main GO.51 : The Telangana State Government released the TS PRC 2021 Main GO.51 on 11-06-2021 for the implementation of the Pay Scale 2020 or TS RPS 2020 for all the employees. Finance Department has released TS PRC Implementation Order for State Government Employees of Telangana on 11-06-2021. According to the government orders, 30 percent fitment will be implemented for 9,21,037 government employees, contract, outsourcing employees and pensioners across the state.

According to the latest orders, the minimum wage of the employees has been increased to Rs 19,000. 30.392 per cent of DA will be merged with basic pay on July 1, 2018. The government has amended the pay revision pay scale of the employees by implementing the pay revision with 30 percent fitment.

The government has said in the order that it will pay the ‘dues for the months of April and May’ in this financial year itself. Notional profit from 1 July 2018 to 31 March 2021. Money profit from 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021. The cash benefit will be implemented from 1 April 2021.

HRA has been reduced in this PRC 2020. The arrears to the pensioners will be paid in 36 instalments. Even if the employee retires after July 2018, the government will provide pension as per the new PRC 2020. The minimum pension will be increased from Rs 6,500 to Rs 9,500. The government has increased the maximum gratuity for retirement from Rs 12 lakh to Rs 16 lakh.

TS PRC 2021 Main GO
TS PRC 2021 Main GO

TS Revsied Pay Scales 2020

Name of the GO TS PRC 2021 Main GO
Title Download TS Revision of Pay Scales 2020
Subject Government of Telangana issued Telangana RPS 2020 Main GO.51
PRC Name TS RPS 2020 (TS PRC 2020)
GO Number GO.51 Implementation of TS Revised Pay Scales 2020
Download GO.51 Download the TS Revision of Pay Scales Main GO.51
TS PRC 2021 Telangana PRC 2021 Latest Updates

Medical allowance for all pensioners and family pensioners has been enhanced to Rs 600 per month. To this extent the state government has issued ten separate orders in respect of employees and pensioners.

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TS PRC 2021 GO.51 Description: Request for any subsequent revision of pay scales for the categories already included in Schedule-II will not be entertained under any circumstances. 30 percent fitment benefit will be given for pay fixation in the revised pay scale, 2020. 30.392% Dearness Allowance as on 01-07-2018 will be included in the pay recommended by the Pay Revision Commission. The Revised Pay Scales, 2020 shall be deemed to be effective from 01-07-2018.

Monetary benefit is admissible from 01-04-2020. The amount due from 01-04-2020 to 31-03-2021 will be paid to the legal heirs at the time of retirement of the Government servant or in case of death of the employee. Dues from 01-04-2021 to 31-05-2021 will be paid in the financial year 2021-22. Revised Pay Scale, 2020 Pay will be payable from June, 2021, which will be payable in July, 2021.

The basic pay of the employee in the Revised Scale of Pay, 2020 shall be determined as per the option exercised by him in accordance with the provisions of the notification annexed to the notification dated 01-07-2018 or any later date. The rules for selection of pay and fixation of pay in the revised pay scales are notified in the notification attached with this order.

a) The revised scale of pay applicable to All State Government employees.

b) Employees of local institutions and aided institutions including aided polytechnics drawing pay in the regular scale in the revised pay scale, 2015;

c). Work charged establishment in receiving pay in regular pay scale in revised pay scale 2015.

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In respect of employees of Public Sector Undertakings, Corporations, Co-operative Societies and other organizations under the Government, the Administrative Department concerned should consult the Department of Business, Public Enterprises and Finance (HRM.IV) and obtain specific orders of the Competent Authority . Rules in relation to every such institution.

In respect of employees already availing the benefit of Automatic Advancement Scheme, the basic pay shall be fixed in the respective revised pay scale of the Automatic Advancement Grade as per these instructions. The Government hereby directs that all employees falling under Grade 1 to Grade 32 in the Revised Pay Scale, 2020 shall be entitled to five (05) staggered increments after the time scale. These stability increments are treated as stabilization increments for all purposes. Payment on Promotion, Automatic Advancement Scheme and Pension.

These orders are issued on the basis of recommendations regarding pay scales, pay fixation and other related matters. Separate orders will be issued covering DA, HRA, additional HRA, CCA and other allowances in lieu of rent free quarters, special payments, AAS, loans and advances, pension, terminal benefits and other related recommendations of the Pay Revision Commission.

Name of the PRC Telangana 1st PRC 2021
RPS full form Revised Pay Scales
PRC full form Pay Revision Commission
Minimum Pay Rs.19,000/-
Maximum Pay Rs.1,62,070/-
Fitment 30%
Implementation Date 01-07-2018
Stagnation Increments 5
Rules Telangana Revised Scales of Pay Rules 2020

Download Telangana Revision of Pay Scale 2020 Here

FAQs on TS PRC 2021 (TS RPS 2020)

  • How many categories are there in the Revised Master Scale?
    80 sections in Telangana PRC 2021 Revised Master Scale.
  • How many grades are there in Revised Master Scale in TS RPS 2020?
    32 sections in Telangana PRC 2021 Revised Master Scale.
  • What is the new master scale in TS RPS 2020?
    19000-640-20920-660-22900-690-24970-720-27130-750-29380-830- 31870-940-34690-1030-37780-1110-40401110-4814818 52720-1200-51 -356 -17 -72850-1990-78820-2140-85240-2270-92050-2420-99310-99310-99310-25050-99310-25050-99310-2560-1630-25010-25010-25010 -510-25010-2 -501010 -5 -25010-25601266 3420-147310-3690-162070 (80)
  • What is the minimum wage in Telangana PRC 2021?
    The minimum pay in TS PRC 2021 is Rs.19,000/-.
  • What is the Maximum Salary in Telangana PRC 2021?
    The maximum salary in TS PRC 2021 is Rs. 1,62,070/-.
  • How much fitment benefit for pay fixation in TS RPS 2020?
    The benefit of fitment for pay fixation in the revised pay scales is 30% as recommended by the Pay Revision Commission and accordingly the following Order in the Revised Pay Scales and Fixation in the Revised Pay Scales, 2020
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