Best Credit Cards 2023 Lifetime Free

Best Credit Cards 2023 : What are the five best credit cards that you can get for free for the rest of your life? Even more importantly, if you apply for this credit card today, your chances of getting it should be very high.

Best Credit Cards 2023

I am going to share with you information about all the credit cards, so here we are first telling about the best credit card which is lifetime free.

Amazon ICICI Bank Credit Card

Whose name is Amazon ICICI Bank Credit Card. You all know that if you shop on Amazon then you need cashback there a lot. If you have Amazon ICICI Bank Credit Card then you will see that you get 5% cashback on this basis. If you are a Prime customer of Amazon then let us assume that you are a Prime customer here.

Even if you are not a customer, there is no problem, still you will get three percent cashback here. The best thing is that whatever cashback you are given, it is Unlimited Cashback, Limited Cashback, there is no limit, you can get as much cashback as you want.

Along with this, friends, you can earn through this credit card on any platform, online or offline. If you do this then you will get 1% cashback here on using this credit card and once I would like to tell you that through this credit card you get fuel for a question,

although it is not a big advantage because You get to see this in all the credit cards and this credit card is the most popular because it is life time free. Once you get the card, you will not have to pay any joining fee,

You don’t have to pay any annual fee, as long as you don’t merge, you have the card ready, you can use it when you need it, but here the credit card seems to be a bit disadvantageous because here you may do.

This credit card will not provide launch access to any airport. At the moment you will see that this is one of the best credit cards. If you want to shop on Amazon,

HDFC Millennium Credit Card

So friends, the second number in our list is of HDFC Bank. Millennium Credit Card is, well I would like to tell you about the best credit cards, there are many more credit cards like Flipkart,

Axis Bank Credit Card or we can say SBI Cashback Credit Card, there are many credit cards, you also know I also know that, but this is where the biggest problem will arise. Check joining and annual fees in your location.

Best Credit Cards 2023

If you are facing the annual joining fee then no problem, we will pay that also but if we get any such offer in between. Where we can get it lifetime free then you will count it as lifetime free.

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If we don’t get such an option then we don’t think we should take it on the credit card. If your income is very less then if you are a user then you can take any credit card which gives you good benefits. For now, in this article we will only discuss what is the best credit card we can get with lifetime freebies or no joining and annual fees.

If over time or around 90-95% people get that lifetime free, then currently our second credit card, HDFC Bank’s Millennium Credit Card, becomes one of the best credit cards because this credit card gives you Buy here, on Flipkart, Amazon. Pay, bookmyshow clear, wherever you want, if you go online and use this credit card, you will get 5% cashback.

The only problem with this credit card is that you see the typing here, that is, you can save up to ₹1000 in one statement in a month by taking 5% cashback. Now friends, the most important thing here is that if we take this credit card, then what is its joining and annual fee?

Its joining and annual fee is quite high, that means Rs 999, its joining and annual fee plus you will have to pay GST, but we will talk about the plus point later, like if we pay its joining fee then it will be Rs 999. . Done, no problem, if you spend ₹ 100000 every 3 months, then after every 3 months you will get a gift voucher of ₹ 1000, then your matter is clear.

This way you will see in a year, if you want, you will have it right here. By spending this way you can also get a gift voucher of ₹ 4000. Now comes the matter of annual fees. If you are seeing 99 plus GST here then if you spend ₹ 100000 here within 1 year.

Best Credit Cards 2023

If you take it, the annual fee you pay here will be waived. Overall, you can avail this credit card for lifetime free offer many times in between. At present also you will get to see lifetime free offer. If you get the time to see it, it would be a good thing if you get the time of your life. Even if you don’t get one, this is the best credit card. Apart from this I told you that you can also get gift vouchers from here and apart from this friends as you know. You will get 1% fuel.

Apart from this, if you extend this credit card anywhere then you will get 1% cashback. Overall, this could be one of the best credit cards in its segment. Can consider, let’s move on to the next credit card. The side that plays the music may also be the best credit card. Friend,

My Zone Credit Card from Axis Bank

The third credit card is My Zone Credit Card from Axis Bank. My Zone Credit Card may be one of the best credit cards. But there is also a joining and annual fee. Talking about joining fee, you will have to pay Rs 200. 499 + GST. After the annual fees you will also have to pay Rs. 499 GST. But let’s talk about the present time. If you apply for this credit card now.

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You can check by visiting their website, now this credit card gives you lifetime free and it has also been seen many times that if you have taken this credit card somewhere even after paying Rs 40 and fees, then it is of no use. This is where you can buy it from us. Under this offer you can also get it free for life time.

Now let’s talk about what benefits you get in this credit card, like friends, you get a credit card when you make your first transaction within 30 days. You will get a free subscription of Sony Liv worth Rs 500.

In this way you can say that you are being given welcome benefits. Apart from this, friends, if you are fond of food and drink then go happily and if you place any order through credit card then you will get a discount of 40% here, but keep in mind that whatever you order.

Here you can get a maximum discount of up to ₹ 120 on every order and friends, through this credit card you will get A One Get One Free Movie Ticket, you will get to watch one free movie ticket every month, you can book up to ₹ 200 here. A free movie ticket, you booked together,

You will get one watch free, watch it like this. If you want to watch movies etc. then you will have to save ₹ 24 in a year. Apart from this, friends, when you spend anything through this credit card, then for every ₹ 200 spent. Making a lead will earn you extra reward points. Here the value of reward point will be 20 paise and friends,

through this credit card you will also get domestic airport launch access. You will get one percent fuel government beaver. Sir, by linking it to your credit card you will get some good money. Friend,

Millennium Credit Card from IDFC First Bank

The fourth credit card on our list is the Millennium Credit Card from IDFC First Bank and you might know that it is popular. Credit Card The biggest feature of this credit card is that you get lifetime free, no joining fee, no anvil, you do not need to pay, whenever you spend anything online through credit card, So for every Rs 150 spent you will get one. Credit card here. You will see six report points.

Best Credit Cards 2023

The same happens when you do any offline transaction through this credit card. There you will see four pre-board points. Now the question arises that what will be the value of Pre Board Point for each report. Here you will get the value of points,

you will get to see only 25 paise, still you will get good value whether you are shopping online or offline here and friends, one of the most special thing about this credit card is that when You take this credit card and if you spend any money through this credit card on your birthday, you will get 10x reward points directly. Friend,

You will have to spend every year here. But if you get to see the Railway Loan Axis, then you will be able to see it in this way, if you want to take a railway loan like an airport here, then you will be able to do it through this credit card and friends, you will get a personal accidental loan through this credit card.

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Tax can also be seen which is around Rs 10 lakh. Friends, if you ever withdraw cash from this credit card in an emergency, you will see that you will have to pay a small amount of Rs 40 which will be Rs 199.

Best Credit Cards 2023

Apart from this, whenever your bill is generated, you will get to enjoy an interest free period of up to 48 days and if you repay it within 48 days, then no additional charges will be levied on you and your friends, if you use this credit card. Let’s use. If you are going to buy it then I would like to tell you one more plus point here.

When you take this credit card and spend ₹5000 from your account within 30 days of taking this credit card, you will get a gift of ₹500. You will get the voucher as soon as you receive it. Friends, here I have told you about four credit cards, but one more credit card is left.

One Credit Card

I would like to tell you about that credit card which is available free for life. The name of the credit card is One Card, which is why I have included it in my list because you can get this card in many ways.

Getting this card can mean many things at a time one may not be a civil servant at all, may not have any income proof. If a person wants, he can get this credit card. Even after getting FD done, you can get minimum FD.

If you make ₹ 5000 here then you can get this credit card of ₹ 5000 in HD, but if your civil is fine and you have income proof then you can get it without FD also. You can also take a credit card, the credit card is lifetime free and here you get to see another plus point.

If your civil was absolutely zero, yet you got the card, then you can improve your civil on FD here and here you get to see a report point for every ₹50 spent, in a way you can see the entry level credit. Will give.

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Best Credit Cards 2023 : It is a card but still it is a good credit card and friends if we talk about this credit card then what is the big deal, you can say that here you are getting reward points and if you get reward points then This is good.

Its price is also the same, here each remote point price is only 10 paisa, so see the purpose of this article was that we should know which live time free credit cards we can get in the present time. What are the best credit cards? We have selected all the credit cards and placed them in front of you.

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